Greylock  Publishing Lines

All Shall Go to Wrack

Demand the Debt That’s  Owing

Long-Remembering Harpers


Greylock Publishing Lines

Greylock  Publishing Lines will be in the  Hucksters Room  at Boskone 49, February 17—19,  2012(Boston Westin  Hotel), with copies of All  Shall Go to WrackDemand  the Debt that’s Owing,  and Long–Remembering Harpers all  available at a discount. 

Mythology repeats itself.

Greylock Publishing Lines is a new and growing family-owned small  press.  Its first book,  All Shall Go to Wrack (Book 1 of The Laughing Lip) and  Demand the Debt That’s Owing (Book 2 of The Laughing Lip)  are both available through Amazon and other outlets.

Recently published in late 2011:  Long-Remembering Harpers, Book N+1 of  The Laughing Lip.  Another generation must decide how to face the innate lust to control  all  of the best planets..

Greylock is willing to review unsolicited, electronic manuscripts of all fiction types.  Genre is unimportant; quality is.  Please submit the first 30,000 words of your novel in a Word or WordPerfect document to the Submissions Editor.  Please note that you must have the legal right to write about your characters and to submit your text.  

Greylock Publishing Lines

Attn:  Gregory P. Lee

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Free Preview s of All  Shall Go to Wrack,  Demand  the Debt that’s Owing,  and Long–Remembering Harpers all available at DriveThru.